The Number on the Scale Trap

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Regardless if you are trying to lose weight or gain it, you cannot fall into the number on the scale trap. Too many people allocate all of their focus on worrying about what the scale is going to display. When they do that, they forget about the level of work that it takes to get the scale to display their desired goal. 

“This scale needs calibrated!” No, your focus needs to be calibrated, not the scale. 

Consider this, if you’re training to run a marathon, would you spend most of your time focusing on how you’ll react when you cross that finish line? Or, would you allocate that time on improving your cardiovascular endurance? The finish line is not possible without the proper training and discipline.

The bottom line: As long as you’re taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal, the number on the scale is not the priority. You’ll eventually get there. Goals are necessary if you desire to improve yourself. However, they are not achievable without the necessary focus. Never stop believing. 

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