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Plan | Prepare | Execute | Repeat

Here a quick tip (video) on how to win in the gym and every aspect of your life.

Plan: Identify your goals and a desired outcome.

Prepare: Gather what you’ll need in order to help facilitate your goals or objectives.

Execute: Do what you said you were going to do during the planning and preparation steps. Planning and preparation are a waste of time without execution.

Repeat: Do exactly what you did during the plan, prepare, and execute steps. This will create winning streaks.



Are you in the driver or passenger seat of your RAS?

What you think about the most, will consume you. It will activate your Reticular Activating System (RAS).

The reticular activating system is a short, pencil-sized piece of the brain located just above where the spinal cord is attached to the brain. It acts as the gatekeeper of information between most sensory systems and the conscious mind.


  1. You purchase new shoes for the gym. You honestly believe they are unique but over the next couple of days, you start noticing other people have the same shoes. Did they buy them because you did? No, obviously not. They’ve always had them but now these shoes are in your awareness. Therefore, you notice them. It turns out, these must be great shoes because other people are buying them, too.
  2. You start believing that people always get hurt in the gym, regardless of their skill set. Therefore, you take notice every time someone gets dinged up or seriously injured. It is all you can focus on. Do people get injured in the gym? Of course, that’s part of Murphy’s Law. However, because injuries are in your awareness, you notice them more than usual. Because of this mindset, you hold back in the gym because you don’t want to be the next person to get hurt. This is also your confirmation bias working against you.

These examples demonstrate how you need to be careful about what you’re thinking. If it upsets you, disappoints you, or goes against your values–why are you wasting your time with it? What is the:

  • Purpose
  • Goal
  • Objective
  • Benefit
  • Value

If it doesn’t support any of these things, eliminate it from your life.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” -Tony Robbins

My dislike for video games does not consume me.

I don’t care for video games. But I won’t make the mistake of constantly thinking (or talking) about why I don’t like them. It serves no purpose and takes valuable time away from things that I value. I would rather reallocate my time to focus on things that help me win at life.

I love people that are focused on maximizing their potential. They don’t spend their day focusing on what they don’t like. Instead, they focus on what they do like and how they can multiply it. Because my filter is calibrated on this mindset, I notice people that are like this. If I didn’t like these kind of people, I would never notice them even if they were all around me.

Driver seat: You focus on positivity, it is in your awareness, and you set yourself up to win.

Passenger seat: You focus on things you don’t like, you hunt them down because they’re in your awareness, and you fuel disappointment.

About the Author

Jason Hughes

Why do I have a WordPress account?

My account is designed to help fuel people that want to get out and do stuff without allowing adversity to ever hold them back. The major focus is Self Improvement. Regardless of your age, gender, or the size of your bank account, we all require Self Improvement. Too many people spend way too much of their time updating their phones, computers, and video game systems yet, they forget about the most important thing – the man/woman looking back at them in the mirror. You are worth it and I hope that I can help you recognize your value. “The obstacle is the PATH.”

What do I do for a living and what am I passionate about?

Here’s what most of social media platforms say: Motivator, reader, writer, gym addict, victim advocate, husband, father, and human.

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I’m obsessed with self improvement and motivation
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I am not afraid to admit that I am very cognizant about the people that I associate with because I am extremely focused on a better future. I want to associate with people that are not afraid to be challenged, share the same equality vision, are willing to put in the necessary work, focus on solutions instead of excuses, and most importantly, show up every day. Life is too short for you to waste your valuable time on the wrong path.

I can’t wait to read about your story.

The Number on the Scale Trap

Regardless if you are trying to lose weight or gain it, you cannot fall into the number on the scale trap. Too many people allocate all of their focus on worrying about what the scale is going to display. When they do that, they forget about the level of work that it takes to get the scale to display their desired goal. 

“This scale needs calibrated!” No, your focus needs to be calibrated, not the scale. 

Consider this, if you’re training to run a marathon, would you spend most of your time focusing on how you’ll react when you cross that finish line? Or, would you allocate that time on improving your cardiovascular endurance? The finish line is not possible without the proper training and discipline.

The bottom line: As long as you’re taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal, the number on the scale is not the priority. You’ll eventually get there. Goals are necessary if you desire to improve yourself. However, they are not achievable without the necessary focus. Never stop believing. 

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