Army of the Drake (Now Available)

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I am happy to announce that my new book Army of the Drake, is now available on Amazon: paperback and Kindle versions.

Part three of the Brian Carter series brings to light the backstory of Edgar, the leader of the Drake, and how he came to power through a deal with Lucifer. A former Nazi hunter joins our main characters as they declare war against Edgar.

In Roman times, Army officers Edgar and Elijah are murdered by Emperor Nero’s men. After making a deal with Lucifer they agreed to raise his army. Nearly two thousand years later, they’ve created an evil incarnate; influencing the Germans during World Wars I and II. With Nazis coming to power in Germany, a dark time dawns for humanity.

Now back from the Darkness, humans handpicked by Archangel Michael, Skyler, Alex, Rachel; the harvester Draven; and the angel Meredith vow to stand against Edgar, his lieutenant Elijah, and the Drake that threatens to destroy the world. Under the leadership of the Archangels Michael, Azrael, and Jeremiel, they continue the secret, dark war between angels and demons.

Army of the Drake is the riveting third installment fans of the series will devour. Newcomers to the Brian Carter series will enjoy the strategic use of real-world events and historical figures to illustrate a darker narrative of how demons manipulate humanity to grow their ranks. Readers of supernatural science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history will love this explosive sequel.

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