Get it Scheduled (Now Available)

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About the Book:

They say planning is everything, yet for so many people, organizational skills and good time management can feel elusive. Enter author Jason Hughes, who has spent over two decades in personal and professional planning, developing effective tools for organizing one’s schedule. With Jason’s tips and insights, you will be able to create an ideal agenda for your daily tasks instead of settling for the status quo. Drawing from his expertise, he incorporates military operations and ancient philosophy to help you plan ahead, maximize productivity, and optimize performance to achieve success. Discover why journaling and efficient planning are powerful tools, while also learning how to keep an inventory of your time, develop a short-term and long-term calendar, and build detailed briefing presentations. Why just survive, when you could be thriving? With only 24 hours in a day, planning is key. Get It Scheduled is the perfect companion for anyone who is looking to transform their life.


Personal and professional planning expert shares a comprehensive guidebook for effectively organizing your life to maximize productivity and achieve success.

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