Keep Going

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During this journey called life, people are going to do the following things regardless if you’re  prepared for it or not: 

  • disrespect you
  • ignore you
  • doubt you
  • insult you
  • degrade you
  • mock you
  • misunderstand you
  • attack you
  • bully you
  • character assassinate you
  • and overall not like you

How do you respond to this treatment and circumstances? 

  • You stay the course. 
  • You adjust and make necessary changes. 
  • You don’t allow words to defeat you.
  • You don’t argue with their opinion; it is just an opinion. 
  • You keep moving forward. 
  • You use these words as fuel to accelerate forward. 
  • You exercise patience and engage in consistent action. 
  • You keep going, and going,  and going, and going.

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