Toxic People – Take away their power

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Have you ever had some great news that you wanted to share with your friend but found yourself being apprehensive? Should I share this news? Why do you think that happens? It is because you have a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships are relationships where two people do not share the same values and because of that, there is a lot of tension and negative energy. The problem is, we’re not always aware that we’re even involved in a toxic relationship. We think, No way, none of my friends are capable of that. Unfortunately, it is possible.

I am not saying that all of your friends are toxic. I simply mean, it is a possibility.

What should you do about your toxic relationships? The most important thing that you can do is take away their power by empowering yourself. Instead of arguing about a situation, simply say, “No thank you.” Or, try not saying anything at all. (I know, that’s not easy to do.)

Dealing with toxic people is something that we all will experience at some point in our life. Learning to mitigate issues before they have the opportunity to escalate is a skill that takes practice. I am certainly not an expert; far from it. All that I can tell you is that what works for me, might not work for you. We all handle toxic people differently and we have the same goal: Taking away their power so that we can focus on our healthy relationships.

Take their power away by not allowing your emotions or reactions to respond to them.

Signs that a Toxic Person is having a negative impact on your life:

  1. You’re emotionally affected by their drama.
  2. You dread (or fear) being around them due to their consistent negative energy. (Energy drainer)
  3. You’re exhausted or you feel angry while you’re with them or after your interaction.
  4. You feel bad or ashamed of yourself. They make you question your values.
  5. You’re stuck in a cycle of trying to rescue, fix, or care for them.

I recently read a fantastic book by Vanessa Van Edwards titled, Captivate. Vanessa conducts all of her experiments with her research via her Science of People lab.


I first heard about Vanessa while listening to Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory (One of my favorite entrepreneurs and motivational speakers)

Here are 2 links from the episode that featured Vanessa. The first video is the the entire interview and the second video is the portion of the interview dealing with toxic people and toxic relationships. (Fake friends)

Complete interview:

Toxic people portion:

I challenge you to take her advice into consideration. If you love to read, like me, you should purchase her book on Amazon. Remember, the more tools that we have, the better we can be in the face of adversity. If you feel that you know everything, you will stop growing in both your personal and professional life.

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