Myth of Myself (Who Am I?) – Alan Watts

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Not very many people have heard of the late Alan Watts. Therefore, when I reference him during a brief or a course that I am teaching, I usually get blank stares or a “who’s the old guy?” However, once they hear one of his lectures via YouTube, they quickly understand why I find him to be so fascinating.

YouTube channels such as: The Journey of Purpose (TJOP) have some excellent videos focusing around his brilliance. In 2018, we are literally overwhelmed with 100’s of things to keep us busy such as: tv, social media, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. Because of this, it appears that we forget about the great ones that were around before this technology was accessible. I invite you to do some homework on Alan Watts. I’m obsessed with growing and having a better understanding of why I’m here, why you’re here, and what we can do together to make a better world. Inside the mind of Alan Watts is a good place to start.

Alan Wilson Watts (January 6, 1915 – November 16, 1973)

“I believe that if we are honest with ourselves, that the most fascinating problem in the world is ‘Who am I?’ What do you mean? What do you feel when you say the word ‘I, myself’? I don’t think there can be anymore fascinating preoccupation than that because it is so mysterious. It is so elusive. Because what you are in your inmost being escapes your examination in rather the same way you can’t look into your own eyes without a mirror, you can’t bite your own teeth, you can’t taste your own tongue and you can’t touch the end of one finger with the same finger. That is why there is always an element of profound mystery in the problem of who we are.” – Alan Watts

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