Destructive Thoughts

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Part of the growing phase in life is being capable of making an honest assessment of yourself, regardless if you’re a male or female. This is what helps develop your maturity level. Keep in mind that thoughts such as: “I’m a loser. I don’t measure up to other people,” are 100% destructive thoughts and will lead you to be a pessimistic person.

Yes, it takes time and practice. However, until you can do this, you will not be a very effective communicator, significant other, friend, or leader. Start with little things that will build winning streaks: “I am strong enough. My story matters. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.”

Arrogant individuals do not share the same values as you

Arrogant individuals will not understand this methodology because their confirmation bias will continue to tell them: “I’m already great at everything,” and “I don’t need to work on anything because I am the standard.” This is destructive too, no matter what they believe.

Be the best version of yourself today, so that you can be better tomorrow.

At the end of the day you just have to make the decision to be a better version of yourself. People are counting on you to do what’s necessary.

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