Don’t listen to the Negative Committee

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No matter who you are, you will always be the target of the negative committee.

Social media is the most popular route for negativity, given the amount of people using it.

But guess what? They can’t make you listen to them. Only you can decide if you choose to accept the garbage that they’re spewing.

The following are examples of negative things that you might hear from them:

  • “You dream too big!” (They already gave up on their dreams.)
  • “There’s not enough time in the day to do all of that.” (They can’t manage time.)
  • “You’re not smart enough for that!”
  • “Only wealthy people are successful.”
  • “Only attractive people are successful because image is more important than the quality of a product.” (The sex sells issue)
  • “You’re not popular enough for that.”
  • “That didn’t work for me so there’s no way it will work for you.” (Sore loser mentality)
  • “You can try but you’ll fail because the system sucks.” (The “but I tried” community.)
  • “This is the government’s fault.” (Ridiculous)
  • “What you’re doing is a waste of your time and energy.” (They lack a strong work ethic and vision.)

You must train yourself to remain focused on your goals, your vision, and your health. Being a member of the negative committee does not serve you and will ultimately fuel disappointment.

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