Your Life: Are you the CEO or an Employee?

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I want you to ask yourself this important question: Are you the CEO of your life or are you an Employee?

Being the CEO of your life means that you take charge of your responsibilities and your circumstances. You don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. Instead, you take initiative and you make them happen. This also means that when you make a mistake, you own it. You don’t blame other people.

Too many people like to blame other people for their circumstances. Do you realize what happens when you blame someone else for your circumstances?

You put all of the responsibility on them to implement change.

Meaning, if they don’t want to change something, you will stay stagnant. Now you are an Employee of your life because you’re waiting on other people to help you move forward.

The CEO method:

  • Am I in charge of my life?
  • Do I do things that I want to do while ignoring the people that are saying, “that’s not possible?”
  • Do I own up to my mistakes?
  • Do I embrace change?
  • Do I move with time or do I sit around and tell stories about the past?
  • Am I creating winning habits?
  • Do I have a vision?

    The Employee method:

    • They’re holding me back.
    • They don’t trust me.
    • I was going to graduate this summer but my professor gave me a bad grade.
    • Bad things always happen to me.
    • Change is not possible.
    • Change is only achievable if you have money.
    • Winning is not possible.
    • Why should I dream when I’m not in charge?
    • Life is just too hard.
    • “You’re a loser,” is all I keep hearing from people.
    • I’ll get to it tomorrow.
    • I’m too busy for that.
    • I’ve tried everything and nothing works.

    That is why I strongly recommend that you take ownership of all of your mistakes and circumstances. Even if you’re 100% positive that you did nothing wrong, just own it.

    Example: Your house was robbed last night. “Well, it looks like I need to develop a better plan on how to keep my house and property safe.”

    Taking ownership will result in the following things:

    • Change will begin
    • A clear objective will be identified
    • You will have complete control of the situation
    • Less stress
    • Growth
    • All distractions will be eliminated
        Take control of your life

        People that operate as the CEO of their life do it by setting goals. Setting goals allows you to identify a start point and an end point. How can you move forward if you don’t even know where to begin?

        I’ll be honest with you, if you don’t have any goals, I’ll be more than happy to have you come work for me so that I can achieve mine. This might sound condescending to most people but the fact is – that’s how life works. The people that don’t have goals end up working for people that do. It is impossible for you to be in charge of your life without goals.

        So once again: Are you are the CEO of your life or are you an Employee?

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