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Effective Leaders vs Unqualified Leaders

I’m obsessed with leadership because every organization, company, and business will always require qualified leaders. This is the reason why I loved the military because their leader development programs set Junior and Senior leaders up for success. Each rank required additional training because being a leader is an ongoing process. These same principles can and

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Your Mind is a Battlefield

Have you ever wondered what causes your stress? What about your emotions? Where do they come from? Your mind is a battlefield and the following things are the enemy: Your ego Lack of empathy Complacency Toxic relationships Your ego: Your ego (h-ego or sh-ego) is the voice that tells you, “You’re the best at what

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Your Life: Are you the CEO or an Employee?

I want you to ask yourself this important question: Are you the CEO of your life or are you an Employee? Being the CEO of your life means that you take charge of your responsibilities and your circumstances. You don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. Instead, you take initiative and you make

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