Take Action | Talking is not Enough

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Telling the world what you’re interested in doing is not a bad thing. In fact, it demonstrates that you have a vision. However, until you put those words into action, they simply remain words.

Put your words into action
  • If you speak highly about a person that you care about, show them.
  • If you talk about being good at something, demonstrate it.

I just don’t tell my beautiful wife that I love her, I show her by doing things that demonstrates my love. In order to have a successful marriage, I have to do things that align with my (our) vision. This has secondary and tertiary effects: happiness and romance.

Words are very powerful; however, it’s the action that carries those words from point A to point B. Taking action is a way to demonstrate authenticity. Would you invest in a product if it could not do what the advertisement claimed? Probably not.

Do something great today by showing the world or someone you care about, that you are more than just your words.

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