Take Risks | Challenge your Comfort Zone

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Life is about taking risks, right? Then why do so many people constantly worry about the repercussions of taking them?

Risk-averse: Also known as not living your life. If you don’t take risks and avoid operating in conditions that present unfamiliar opportunities, you will not be successful in reaching your goals.

What are you avoiding by not taking risks?

  1. growth
  2. experience
  3. developmental situations
Break away from your safety net

Your comfort zone is not where the magic resides, so it’s time to leave it.

When I was a kid, I struggled with this because it was always easier to do what was comfortable. Adversity kept me from experiencing opportunities that will never present themselves, again. Now I use this mistake as a teaching tool. Meaning, I embrace my mistakes. Learning to embrace your mistakes will fuel your confidence to take calculated risks.

This concept changed my life

Once you’re able to take that important step, you will have more time to focus on what matters:

  1. your future
  2. your health
  3. your success

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