Let People Enjoy Things

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Not everything that you see other people do will align with your values and that’s perfectly okay. Let people be who they want to be and let them enjoy things.

When I was a kid, I didn’t quite understand this because I was usually on the receiving end of derogatory comments. So when I got older – I naturally thought this type of behaviour was acceptable. I was wrong.

I now understand that what we say about other people tells a bigger story about us. Pointing out character flaws, clothes that we don’t like, make-up that we don’t like, hairstyles that we don’t like, and relationships that we don’t like (or approve), will not make you a better person.

To believe that other people should conform to the things that you like is a sign of arrogance even if it’s not intended. I personally want to apologize to anyone that I have hurt or disappointed over the course of my life. I take full responsibility of my actions and I am committed to cultivating change.

In conclusion, if you want to point out flaws, focus on your perception and thought patterns.

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