Are you a Resilient Person or an Energy Drainer?

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How do you respond to adversity? Are you a Resilient person or an Energy Drainer?

Are you Resilient or an Energy Drainer?

Resilient People: Are capable of bouncing back, in the face of adversity. When life is not going as planned, they make adjustments and keep moving forward. Quitting, is not an option.

Resilient people have the ability to push themselves way beyond their breaking point.

Resiliency, is a skill. It requires hours, days, months, and sometimes, years of experience before it is achievable. Make no mistake, being resilient doesn’t mean you are invincible. Everything still has a breaking point. You must learn how to identify when you are approaching that phase.

Resilient people understand how to deal with their FEAR.

  • F – Face
  • E – Everything
  • A – And
  • R – Rise

Energy Drainers: Are toxic people that focus on one thing – negativity. They are incapable of seeing the positive side of their situation. They blame other people for their circumstances.

Energy Drainers only focus on what can go wrong.

They refuse to take ownership of their problems because in their eyes, they’ve done nothing wrong. “This is your fault, not mine.” Little do they realize, when they’re pointing one finger, three are pointing back at them.

Fear is a huge contributing factor to their attitude and negativity. They do the exact opposite of Resilient People.

  • F – Forget
  • E – Everything
  • A – And
  • R – Run

Moving forward, how will you respond to adversity? Which method of FEAR will determine your response?

“You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

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