Self Reflection

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Self Reflection: What does it mean to you? Depending on your values, attitude, and daily rituals, not taking time to self evaluate (reflection), could hold you back from making necessary improvements and adjustments.

“Self Reflection is a meeting you should never cancel.”

– Jay Shetty

Are you comfortable with identifying your good and your bad side? What things serve you or hold you back?

Self Reflection requires you to always stay humble about your success and accomplishments. You must always take in to consideration the things that you need to improve on as well as what you should sustain.

“Information changes the situation!”

Is this the real me?

Never forget that arrogance is a fool’s perspective of a falsified reality. “I don’t need to work on anything because I’m naturally talented at everything.” Did someone validate this? How is your ego contributing to your relationships, happiness, and growth? If you’re the best, do you have anything to look forward to? You’ve already projected the outcome…

Complacency is your ultimate enemy because your work is never done! If you’re comfortable, you are complacent. “Listen Bob, we’ve been running this company the same way for five years and so far, we’ve been successful.” How can your company get to the next level, aka grow, if you keep doing the same thing? Is your competitor doing the same thing, too? Probably not. Complacency kills progress. Continue to make necessary and calculated changes.

At the end of the day, ask yourself these 3 questions

1) Did I do my best today?

“Good enough isn’t good enough, if it can be better. Better isn’t better, if it can be best.”

– Rick Rigsby

2) Am I being true to myself?

  • Don’t allow external opinions to validate your self-worth. Your self-worth is never measured by the words of any man or woman.

3) Do I know who I am?

  • Are these my goals or what my mother or father want me to do?
  • Do I have a purpose or do I let the rest of the world identify it, for me?
  • Do I want to do this _______, or am I doing this because I think that society wants me to do it?

“I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am.”

– Charles Horton Cooley

Bottom line: Take your time and trust your heart, it knows what’s best for you even if other people don’t agree with it. Have patience and engage in consistent action!

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