Challenge Yourself | Be a better Version

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Are you constantly challenging yourself? Are you committed to an idea? Do you have an affirmation that reminds you why you want to achieve your goals?

Self improvement should be part of your daily rituals. It creates growth.
  1. “How can I become a better man?”
  2. “How can I be a better husband, parent, brother, and son?”
  3. “How can I be a better leader, soldier, writer, victim advocate, martial artist, and mentor?”
  4. “How can I get bigger and stronger in the gym?”
  5. “What does the ideal motivator look like?”

These are questions that I ask myself every day because that’s what it takes!

You have to challenge yourself to be better EVERY day! Make no mistake, you need to be content with your life; however, you should always strive to be better! When you don’t strive to be better, you become comfortable and complacent. If you want to be better, you must embrace being uncomfortable.

“The magic happens outside of your comfort zone.”

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