Friday Recognition Day – 2/21/2020

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I created this weekly tradition to help me develop an attitude for gratitude by recognizing two people from my personal or professional life. These weekly posts are about celebrating them and their story.
This week I am recognizing:

  1. Michelle Kirtos
  2. Elaine Miller
MSG Michelle Kirtos
  1. Michelle Kirtos – I want to recognize Michelle for her 20+ years of military service and for her recent promotion to Master Sergeant (MSG). For those of you not aware, this is a very difficult rank to obtain in the United States Army. The enlisted promotion system is designed to promote the “best of the best.” [reference the Enlisted Promotions Made Simple chart] Without question, this is her.
MSG – E8

I have personally known her for over 10 years and I have to admit, she is the most knowledgeable Personal Management Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) I’ve ever been around. I can’t think of a time when she couldn’t provide an answer for one of my questions. (I asked a lot) Some people use Google as a search engine, I used a Michelle Kirtos. She is a great leader, mentor, and friend. I’m very honored to have served with her and I look forward to seeing her succeed at her next duty assignment.

Elaine Miller

2. Elaine Miller – I want to recognize Elaine for her extraordinary work with the Connections Volunteer Center, as a Community Engagement Coordinator. She helps coordinate the referral and placement of volunteers for hundreds of ongoing and special event opportunities in Delaware County. Her passion, commitment to excellence, and desire to help people are second to none. I often seek her personal and professional guidance about how to effectively engage with community members and partners, since she has established a great reputation within the county. She is a great leader, mother, communicator, and friend.

Additionally, she operates a fantastic company called A Pretty Bramble. Her company creates custom made clothing for all, made with advocacy in mind. I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page: A Pretty Bramble

A Pretty Bramble – Clothing Examples

Weekly Challenge: Identify 1-2 people in your life that you would like to recognize. You don’t need to do this publicly. It can be a simple face-to-face conversation, a phone call, a text, or even an email. You would be surprised how meaningful a simple, “Hey (name), I appreciate you,” conversation can be for people.

Thank for you taking a moment out of your busy day to help celebrate these individuals. Please feel free to share this post with friends and family. You can also click the follow button.

For more information or tips on how to demonstrate gratitude (recognize the people within your circle of influence) in your personal and professional life, check out my latest book:


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