The Hypothesis | Your Goals

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The hypothesis: To reach your goal, you must do the following things:

  • work hard
  • stay committed in the presence of adversity
  • adapt to your environment
  • exercise patience and consisted action
What are the steps required to make it happen?

The reality: People quit due to the following reasons:

  • they experience short-term adversity
  • other people disapprove or question their goal or vision
  • they get distracted by their television or a social event
  • they focus on the amount of days required and not the process itself
  • they fail to identify their WHY
  • they stop holding themselves accountable for their shortfalls
  • they use the excuse, “This doesn’t work!”

How do they know if the hypothesis is true or false, if they’re not doing all the steps that are required? Even if takes 15 minutes, 1 year, or 20 years, it is still part of the process. People often ask, “How did that person become an overnight success?” What they don’t realize is, that overnight success actually took 20 years. Meaning, there’s not set timeline regardless of what it looks like from the outside.

“People are rewarded in public for what they’ve practiced for years, in private.” – Tony Robbins

Success is a process that requires commitment.

Therefore, the hypothesis doesn’t need to be updated, your habits and train of thought, do.

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