The Finish Line

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The finish line is a representation of your current goal or objective. For example: You want to write a book and have it published in nine months. The finish line would be the phase when the Publisher provides you with your publication date. Although there are additional marketing steps, the publication part represents your finish line because it mirrors your goal.

What if I’m not sure about my finish line?

A big thing that will hold you back from being successful is your miscalculation of the finish line. For some reason, you believe it is ten days away when it’s actually only one. Why does this happen? Because you listen to other people. You allow the negative committee to influence your depth perception. Because of this miscalculation, you treat it as such.

Don’t allow other people to establish your finish line.

When you believe your destination is further away you will:

  • work slower
  • procrastinate
  • put things off until tomorrow
  • become easily distracted
  • potentially take advice from people that are not experienced in what you’re trying to do
  • potentially allow other people to dictate what you should do next
  • listen to the negative committee
  • work right up to the deadline
  • miss out on an opportunity of finishing sooner because you were more prepared than you realized
  • look for excuses as to why you can’t achieve it. “This is never going to happen.”
You still have two minutes so, what’s the rush?

The best thing you can do with any task is to get started right away. Even if you have three weeks to complete it; start now. This will allocate you additional time to edit your work and add applicable information, if required.

When you believe you’re almost at the finish line you will:

  • work harder
  • seek mentors that are experienced in your field of work
  • block out negativity
  • be less distracted
  • set yourself up for success with future goals (finish lines)
  • build confidence
  • get excited about the outcome
  • work past the short-term life expectancy of motivation. “I’m going to make this happen.”
Keep going!

This isn’t magic. This is you working with a purpose and not allowing other people to influence the distance between you and a better version of yourself.

Create a Schedule:

Here are some helpful references with creating a schedule and staying focused.

Blog 1: Setting Yourself up to Win | Make a Schedule

Blog 2: Are You a Top Down Thinker?

Blog 3: Take Control of Your Morning

Challenge: Think of a current or future goal and establish your finish line.

  1. What will it look like?
  2. How long will it take?
  3. Will you need additional resources?
  4. Do you need additional help?
  5. Are you prepared to handle adversity?

For more information or tips on how to identify your finish line in your professional and personal life, check out my latest book:

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