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Your values | Are they aligned with your love for your wife?

If your values do not align with how much you love your wife/significant other, the path will be difficult for you. What do I mean by that? If you honestly believe that you are above any task: washing clothes doing the dishes purchasing personal items at the store etc. Specifically, based on the fact that

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Happy Monday (On-Day)

Happy Monday (On-Day)! Sure, we all love the classic movie Office Space because of the great one-liners throughout the movie. Especially, this one: “Looks like someone’s got the case of the Monday’s.” Although this scene is very funny, it is actually a reality most people are living. The very thought of starting a new week

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Help People without a Reward

Regardless of your gender, age, and background, you are never above doing things for other people out of kindness. Helping other people will do the following things: Help develop effective communication that will promote positive energy within your circle of influence. Set a great example for the younger generation. Children are our future. Undermine the

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