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I Am

Constructive Thinking:

  1. I am strong.
  2. I am worth it.
  3. I am a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Destructive Thinking:

  1. I am weak.
  2. I am not worth the effort.
  3. I am just a man/woman, what value can I offer? 

What you tell yourself is what you will eventually become. Fuel your mind with positivity no matter the size of the storm that you’re currently battling. I am (You are) are worth it!

Constructive Thinking vs Destructive Thinking

New Year, New You

There are 364 other days out of the year for you to start a new chapter in your life. (1 January 2018) Meaning, you don’t need to make a New Year’s resolution if you are truly serious about:

  • Doing something new and/or courageous.
  • Committing to some self-reflection exercises.
  • Dedicating more time to your family and significant other.
  • Being the person that you were born to be and not what people think you should be.
  • Implementing a training regiment that offers no room for you to quit because your health and future are worth it. 
  • Making the decision to be happy about every new day because life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. 
Change starts with you.

Forget about the overplayed clich├ęs about the 1st of the year; take action today! Stop wasting valuable time. Your life has more value than you realize.

Marry the Truth

Stop living your life based on what you think people are saying about you. Stop allowing your thoughts to manifest things that are not even there. 

We are the only species that can think about something and actually get mad, sad, and even depressed just because of those particular thoughts. Your mind constantly requires an answer for everything that you see, do, and feel. What you don’t realize is, you can learn to control that. Did he actually say that your new hair cut looks bad or do you think that he said that?
Stop worrying about what you think and start focusing on what you know. 

Information changes the situation. Marry the truth, aka supporting data. Divorce the story that your mind manufactured, aka not reality. 

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