I’m Getting Older and I Embrace It

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Today, an interesting thing happened to me at my local barber shop. As I was getting my hair cut, I couldn’t help but think, man it just doesn’t seem like he’s cutting very much off the top. I’m never a fan of asking, “It looks good but can you cut more off the top, please?”

As he spun me around to look in the mirror, reality punched me in the face.

What’s the reality? He did cut the top of my hair. My 39 years on this amazing planet had finally caught up and I realized I had actually lost a lot of my hair. I laughed out loud when I realized this. I then told the barber why I was laughing and he laughed, too. (Laughing at yourself is healthy.)

Why am I even talking about something so insignificant? 15 years ago, the thought of losing my hair made me feel so uncomfortable because back then, I held my image to a very high standard. I still do to this day; however, I am now mature enough to understand that my hair does not define me, my character does.

  • It doesn’t earn me more income.
  • It doesn’t help me love my beautiful wife, more.
  • It doesn’t enhance my parenting abilities.

When I was younger, I just didn’t see things the same way because my priorities were different. I had tunnel vision on superficial things and didn’t understand how unhealthy that kind of lifestyle could be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to insult myself. My point is, when we’re younger, we don’t realize what we stress about or fear, for the most part – is not important. We waste energy on things that do not serve us and can potentially stunt our growth.

Bottom line: Pay attention to what you get tunnel vision on.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

– Tony Robbins

Your hair and even your body do not define you, your character does. I’m getting older and I embrace it. This is truly fun.

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