10 Potentially Dangerous Apps

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With today’s social media platforms and technology it is very hard to keep up with everything. Companies are constantly competing with each other to make a more efficient way to communicate. But here’s the important question, what are we really communicating? What is the message that we are trying to deliver? Do you feel as a parent that you have a pretty good understanding of how your children are communicating? As a parent, why do you believe that this is important?

Sure, I probably have a bias opinion since I’m a SARC / Victim Advocate – but more importantly, I’m a parent and I care about the welfare of others. Some of my children are teenagers, which equals the target audience of these apps. Even though I am pretty comfortable knowing that they understand the danger and seriousness of social media, I cannot account for those that are sending them messages and information. Situational awareness is the key. 

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