Army of the Drake – Coming in 2023

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I am happy to announce that I’m returning to the paranormal / supernatural and science fiction genres. I am working on part 3 of the Brian Carter series titled: “Army of the Drake.”

I am very grateful to the people asking about this book. I needed the break to focus on self-help books, but now I’m ready. I’m very excited about this story and its potential.

The book will be finished in 2023.


Brian Carter is a patient at Hamilton Psychiatric Ward and has experienced things that even your worse nightmares could not compare to. Brian, along with Billy, Vince, and Frank, enter the world of the Crematory and discover things that will forever change their lives. Is Brian telling the truth to Dr. Gordon about these events? Or are they simply a figment of his imagination? What happened at the Crematory that continued to draw him back to it? Will Brian find the answers he is looking for? Or will he open more doors than he can handle? Regardless of whether he is mentally prepared, the Crematory is ready to answer his questions. Crematory is a novel that promises to keep you guessing what will happen next.

The Darkness:

How would you react if you found out that you’re never alone because someone is always watching you? Would you still be able to close your eyes at night? It was supposed to be a routine paranormal investigation for the Scientific Paranormal Researchers. Until Skyler, Alex, and Rachel unlocked the door to the other side. Now they must decide if Draven is telling them the truth about where he came from or if he is leading them into a trap. Anyone can knock on a door, but not everyone can accept what happens after that.

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