Are You in Control of Your Emotions?

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Due to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, we are more connected across the world, than ever before. This comes with a price, though. Why? Because it only takes about 30 seconds for people to allow their emotions to post a status or comment. Notice the keyword?

Do you control your emotions or do they control you?

When people allow their emotions to post on social media, it is usually in the form of negativity. Their attention is focused on what they don’t like about the world and their circumstances.

“There are no good people, in this world!”

“I’m sick and tired of having bad days!”

“My boss is a terrible person. I deserve something better…”

Don’t allow this to be a representation of your life.

Some people are so negative, when they walk into a dark room, they develop. Being negative, does not serve you. In fact, being negative cultivates an environment that leads to a downward spiral. (Secondary and tertiary effects: You take out your frustration on a loved one or coworker.)

Bottom line: If you don’t learn to control your emotions, they will use you to achieve their agenda.

  • Your emotions: “I don’t like this guy, therefore — I am going to intentionally push his buttons.”
  • Constructive approach: “I recognize that I don’t like this individual, so instead of making this situation worse, I should probably just not interact with him. Or, I could have a face-to-face conversation with him to see if this is all just a misunderstanding.” As silly as it sounds, sometimes our emotions create situations that are not even real. You might be the problem, not them.

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