Killing Me Softly With His Words

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Many men use power against women to compensate for perceived threats to their status as the man in the family. Abuse of power comes from the entitlement and privilege men feel in relation to women. The vast majority of physical and sexual abuse is perpetrated by men while verbal and emotional abuse can go in both directions. 

A typical male abuser:

  • Has feelings of inadequacy.
  • Believes strongly that there is a “right” way for men and women to act. 
  • Is unable to express feelings verbally. 
  • Feels his happiness and support are dependent on his partner.
  • Fears rejection and abandonment.
  • Is jealous or is overly possessive. 
  • Is moody, depressed and/or angry most of the time.
  • Feels that personal wants, needs and desires come first.
  • Witnessed abuse between parents or was a victim of parental abuse.

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