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TBI – Why Veterans Should Take it Serious

Earlier today, I watched a Podcast interview of Joe Rogan interviewing former Navy Seal, Andy Stumpf, about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Suicide. As someone that works in the mental health field (Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation) and served in the military for 22 years, I really enjoyed this video. Note: I am not a medical

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Friday Recognition Day – 3/6/2020

I created this weekly tradition to help me develop an attitude for gratitude by recognizing two people from my personal or professional life. These weekly posts are about celebrating them and their story. This week I am recognizing: Michelle Price Love Gossett Michelle Price – I want to recognize Michelle for her phenomenal work in

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You Matter

Valentine’s Day is an interesting holiday because depending on who you ask, not everyone embraces it. Some people get overly excited, while others dread it due to the lack of romance in their life. When people feel uncomfortable about an event or holiday, such as this one, they allow negative thoughts and emotions to take

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