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It All Goes Back in the Box

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, how many friends you have, or how much material possessions that you accumulate throughout your life because once you’re gone – it all goes back in the box. Therefore, success is not about what you have, it’s about what you do with what you have. We’re all created from the same thing; some people just have the ability to see the bigger picture. 

Being a Man = Not a Free Pass

Just because you have the title of: male, man, or guy, it does not give you the right to talk down to others; especially women! 

  • It doesn’t matter how much money you make in comparison to them. 
  • It doesn’t matter what type of occupation you hold.
  • It doesn’t matter how you were raised.

Those examples are just excuses! When a man yells, insults, and talks down to a woman, all they do is demonstrate their insecurities. (The same goes for when they do this to other men, too.) Trust me, when a man acts this way, other men and women recognize it even if that particular man believes that his actions are justifiable. 

The inflection in your voice does not validate your opinion.

It’s time that we show women (and men) respect because that’s someone’s daughter, sister, mother, and friend and they wouldn’t like it if the shoe were on the other foot.

Self Reflection

Are you having a hard time finding someone that shows interests in your personality and characteristics? Have you ever considered being/acting like the person that you always wanted to meet?

You are more than just a reflection.

Self Reflection is an essential tool that we all must utilize from time to time with a respectable amount of honesty. Never forget that arrogance is a fools perspective of a falsified reality that nobody wants to compete with regardless of the physical attraction. You cannot love yourself more than a significant other and expect the relationship to work. You need to accept your deficiencies and demonstrate your greatest qualities through honesty, personal courage, integrity, and compassion. If you can do this while exercising patience and consistent action, I promise you that your future will be bright and someone will love you for who you are and not what you are.

Thinking Traps

Thinking Traps undermine mental toughness, performance and lead to an inaccurate understanding of a situation. Never let your mind play the “what if” game or make unnecessary assumptions.

What information are you missing?

Unlike certain situations in life, you are always in control of your thoughts. If you think positive, you’ll act in a positive manner. Who is going to follow or listen to someone that always jumps to conclusions and only see’s the negative perspective of every situation? The answer is absolutely no one. Use your cognitive thinking in a manner that benefits you, not in a manner that keeps you stagnant. Never forget that YOU are in control and your potential is limitless.

Your Focus

The reason you’re not at your goal right now is because you’re too busy worrying about what other people are doing, what they’ve accomplished, and where they’re going in life. In the meantime, you are wasting valuable time that you could be allocating towards yourself.

What you don’t realize is that these people that you’re focused on are no different than you. They still require food, water, adequate sleep, they experience emotions, they have the capacity to love as well as the capacity to dislike others; they are exactly like you. The only difference, they’re not worried about you.

Your success will be determined by your focus. Are you ready to reach your destiny?