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Drama – Are you keeping it in your life?

Drama can only exist in your life if you allow it. Your emotions and reactions give it life. Therefore, how you respond to drama is the number one contributing factor as to why it remains there. “Don’t you dare disrespect me.” “Did you see what she said about me, on Facebook?” “Why are you not

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Your values | Are they aligned with your love for your wife?

If your values do not align with how much you love your wife/significant other, the path will be difficult for you. What do I mean by that? If you honestly believe that you are above any task: washing clothes doing the dishes purchasing personal items at the store etc. Specifically, based on the fact that

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Help People without a Reward

Regardless of your gender, age, and background, you are never above doing things for other people out of kindness. Helping other people will do the following things: Help develop effective communication that will promote positive energy within your circle of influence. Set a great example for the younger generation. Children are our future. Undermine the

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