Month: June 2019

My Training Journey

This particular blog is a huge step for me, on my physical fitness journey. I’ve always been a highly motivated and energetic person, despite being extremely shy and embarrassed about my body. I wouldn’t even go to a pool, despite being a good swimmer, until I was in my mid-thirties. Growing up and being called

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10-year Anniversary for Crematory

May 20, 2019 marked the 10-year anniversary for my first book, Crematory. Brian Carter (main character) is growing up so fast. Part 1: Crematory Part 2: The Darkness Part 3: Army of the Drake (2019-2020) About the Book: Brian Carter is a patient at Hamilton Psychiatric Ward and has experienced things that even your worst

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My Daughters

Having an attitude for gratitude is something very important to me. While other people are grateful about their car, their house, or their fancy clothes, I like to focus on something else. I am incredibly grateful for having three intelligent, beautiful, and compassionate daughters. Make no mistake, personal possessions are something to be very grateful

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