Just Jump

When I was a kid, there was a stone quarry where everyone would go to swim. Well, actually, it was so they could jump off of a specific cliff into the water. Yes, it was illegal to be there, but that certainly didn’t stop anyone from sneaking in.

Similar to our Stone Quarry 

People always talked about how awesome and scary it was to jump off of the East wall due to its height (roughly 60-70′). When I first stepped to the edge, I felt sick to my stomach as I looked down at the water. I tried to jump but I couldn’t do it. So sadly, I went home and felt ashamed because I allowed fear to win the day. 

A few days later I decided to go back. When I stepped to the edge, that same feeling returned. Only this time -I paused- and I told myself, I can do this! Then I counted outloud, 1, 2, 3…and I jumped. As I’m falling toward the water I remember thinking, What have I done? I’m either going to get hurt or I’m going to die.

Then – BAM, I hit the water feet first. As I came back up to the surface I started celebrating. It wasn’t scary or difficult at all. In fact, it was awesome! So I climbed back up to the top and I jumped again. Then I jumped at least five more times. I went back to that place several times over the course of the summer and I kept jumping.

1, 2, 3 – jump

After jumping at least 25 times, I finally had a moment of clarity. People weren’t afraid of the actual wall, the height of the wall, the impact of the water, or even the thought of being caught by law enforcement.  They were afraid to jump.

Gravity knows exactly what it needs to do and it will always do its job. But in this scenario, if I didn’t jump, it wouldn’t have an opportunity to do its job. So I jumped.

The Darkness – Jason Hughes

Fast forward to 2017. I finished writing my second book and I was excited about the next steps. I searched for a publisher for about two weeks and I finally found one. As I stared at the “submit your manuscript” feature on their website, I suddenly felt overwhelmed with fear. 

What if they don’t accept my manuscript? What if they don’t like my genre? What if I’m not good enough?

Then just like when I was younger -I paused- What are you doing? Just submit the manuscript and trust yourself! And then I jumped. Eventually, they approved my manuscript and I signed a contract with them. All because I jumped

You don’t need to think about it, just jump.

Here’s the challenge: when you’re scared and don’t know what to do, jump. When you see an opportunity but you’re afraid of what to do next, jump. Because if you don’t jump, just like me when I was younger, you will allow fear to win the day over and over until you’re sick and tired of standing at that edge. So please, just jump. You were made for greatness but that greatness can’t be achieved until you learn to jump.

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The Problem and the Solution 

​”I am the only problem that I will ever have and I am also the solution.”

I want you to think about that. This affirmation is about taking ownership and reminding yourself that how you respond to circumstances is either part of the problem or part of the solution. We can’t control all of the events in our life. But we can control how we respond.

Dare to be Different 

Be Different
  • ​People are going to doubt you.
  • People are going to misunderstand you.
  • People are going to gossip about you.
  • People are going to laugh at you.
  • People are going to hope that you fail. 

But guess what? Does it really matter? Are we giving out copy-cat trophies? Your personal value is what makes you truly unique. Wanting to be like other people is dangerous and it is also not possible. You don’t need to be like anyone else because you were born you

  • If the path is difficult, so what?
  • If plan A doesn’t work, so what?
  • If it takes longer than you initially thought, so what?

I challenge you to be the best version of yourself in 2017! 

What’s Stopping You?

Person 1: “Oh look, free snacks.”

Person 2: “Yeah but that line is too long.”

Person 1: “But they are free and they have our favorite snacks.”

Person 2: “True…but that line is just too long.”

This example demonstrates that some people see what they want while others only see what’s stopping them from getting what they want. What are you focusing on? Is it the path or the obstacle in front of you? 

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Hard = Worth It

Nothing that you want (both physically and mentally) will come easy so you might as well pick an objective and put in the overtime.

“But it’s too hard,” is NOT an option!

“But I don’t have a gym partner,” is NOT an option.

“But I don’t have time,” is also NOT an option. 

Do you notice a trend with the word ‘but’? (But) is usually followed by an excuse that you manufactured to justify your decision to not do something. (But) is a dream killer!